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After Valencia


EuroLegend Cup 2023 starts his engine!
Valencia, Ricardo Tormo Circuit the first date of the Eurolegend Cup 2023:

what a success!

The first date of EuroLegend Cup 2023 ended in the name of adrenaline and fun. Two very special days on the tenth anniversary of the EuroNascar Fest in Spain in Valencia, where people have loved and known the EuroLegend Cup

Saturday 6th May
Early morning qualifying determines the starting grid for Race 1: Davide Gaggianesi on pole, followed by Alberto Naska and Simone Giussani. Claudio Cappelli, Alessandro Bollini and Luca Verdi close the first three rows.

Race 1

After the start it's a battle right away: Gaggianesi, Giussani and Messina lead, but Naska immediately moves behind the third taking the position. Gaggianesi tries to create gap with the chasing group in battle: Bollini and Messina overtake Naska, who comes back shortly after. In sixth and seventh position Cappelli and Watteyne do not give up the quintet of the first. Gaggianesi is the leader and tries to increase his advantage.
Maselli climbs back and finishes sixth behind Messina, Naska attacks Bollini, unfortunately forced to leave the battle with 3 laps from the end due to a problem with his Legend and one lap later the same bad luck will also strike Maselli. Giussani, who held a good race with three laps to go, slows down due to a car problem and Naska from third position gets behind the first, who has accumulated a discreet gap.

Two laps from the end, the situation is Gaggianesi, Naska, Messina and Giussani, Huax and Verdi Luca: the podium is Gaggianesi, Naska and Messina.


Race 2

The Legend Cars line up on the grid with the positions set by the best lap in race 1: therefore in the front row Bollini and Messina, followed by Cappelli and Naska, Gaggianesi and Giussani, Verdi and Huaux, Watteyne and Maselli, followed by Fabio Verdi and Calloni.

Drivers start your engines: Naska starts well and gains the first position over Gaggianesi, Bollini and Messina find themselves in fourth and sixth position. Maselli also starts well and climbs up to the seventh position. On the second lap Gaggianesi passes Naska on the straight of the starting grid, Giussani increased the gap: in the leading group, after Alberto's third position, there are Bollini, Messina and Huaux.

Great fight and fun in the middle of the race: Naska passes Giussani and Gaggianesi, Messina overtakes Bollini. But this status doesn't last long, the Legend riders are really fierce: Gaggianesi again overtakes Naska on the straight, Bollini takes back the fourth position and Cappelli moves up and becomes sixth. With just two laps to go, Naska takes the lead, but Gaggianesi doesn't let him go. The difference under the checkered flag is really small. The podium is Naska, Gaggianesi, Giussani; follow Messina, Bollini and Cappelli in battle too until the last lap. See you tomorrow for Race 3!


Race 3

What a wonderful race!
The final race of the first round of the EuroLegend Cup was very fun and beautiful not only for the public caught in the attention, but also for all the riders who shared the joy and fun under the podium. Fighting and Fair Play!

The starting grid: Gaggianesi and Naska in the front row, Giussani and Messina in the second row, Bollini and Cappelli in the third row. Giussani and Messina enjoy the not very good starting and close Naska between them by dropping Gaggianesi in fourth position: but in turn eight Giussani went wide due to a contact with Messina and both, despite returning immediately on the track, slip to the bottom.

Naska, Gaggianesi, Cappelli and Maselli lead the race. Messina and Giussani down don’t mess around and fight for get back into the lead. In the meantime, it was a close fight between Gaggianesi and Naska who swap positions and Cappelli didn't stand by, but slipped into the fight and on the fourth lap the battle for second place between him and Gaggianesi focusing the spectators.

Bollini fourth Checking out the competition. Halfway through the race, Messina climbed up to seventh position and Giussani to eighth. Again the tussle ignites in the first positions and Naska and Gaggianesi arrive two by two on the straight after the start, Cappelli takes advantage of it and takes the lead of the race. Again the brawl lights up in the first positions and Naska and Gaggianesi arrive two by two on the straight after the start, Cappelli takes advantage of it and takes the lead of the race. On the last lap on the same straight, three Naska, Gaggianesi and Cappelli arrive: up to the checkered flag, it’s all on the line!

The final standings Naska, Gaggianesi and Cappelli. Following Bollini, Maselli and Messina author with Giussani of a valid comeback.
The public enjoyed applauds the EuroLegend Cup 2023 show: Go ahead!

Special thanks to the drivers masters of fair play and clean driving, to the organization, to the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, to the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, to the GP2EMME CEO Mr. Romano Pisi, to Mr. Adriano Monti of Castelletto Circuit Legend Cars and to the sponsor Italianbox.

See you at Vallelunga Auto- drome, 8 – 9 July 2023

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