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The story of the Legend Cars dates back to 1992, when American racing driver Brian Redman approached British racing car manufacturer John Reade with an innovative idea: to create a low-cost but high-performance racing car that could be driven by both young aspiring drivers and experienced veterans.

In 1993, the first Legend Car was presented to the British public and immediately aroused great interest. The car, with its eye-catching design and extraordinary performance, quickly spread across Europe and became one of the most popular racing categories.

Today, Legend Cars are used in competitions all over the world, from the UK to the US, from Australia to New Zealand. With their low-cost construction, Legend Cars offer a great opportunity for young aspiring drivers to enter the world of motor racing at an affordable price.

The success of the Legend Cars is due not only to their excellent performance, but also to their reliability and ease of driving. This makes the category perfect for drivers of all ages and experience levels.

In addition, the Legend Cars community is very active and organises regular events around the world, creating a unique social experience for drivers and car racing enthusiasts.

In summary, Legend Cars represent an important part of motor racing history in the UK and around the world, providing an exciting and accessible driving experience for all drivers.

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