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2023 Awards


Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV), Sunday 17 December: 

EuroLegend Cup 2023 awards, the season ends and the appointment is set for 2024

Closing event of the EuroLegend Cup 2023: awards and presentation of the 2024 calendar

EuroLegend Cup closes the season with the awards ceremony at the Legend Cars Italia circuit in Castelletto on Sunday 17 December.

Nice to find the protagonists of the EuroLegend Cup in a day of celebration and we immediately start with a special prize, a Tapiro, to Claudio Cappelli for the Most’s switch, which in round 09 excludes him from the race turning the story into legend!

 The first category to get on the podium is the Challenge for 16-to 21-year-olds: the podium is Luca Verdi, Rosario Messina and Luigi Maselli.

Top Class follows, from 21 to 45, with Simone Giussani on the third step, Alessandro Bollinion the second and Alberto Naska on the first.

The last EuroLegend Cup category awarded is the Star, over 45 years: Michele Mottura bronze medal, Claude Watteyne silver medal and gold medal to Claudio Cappelli. 

All drivers would like to thank the EuroLegend Cup not only for the opportunity to race on European circuits alongside the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, but also for the fun on track, the opponents always correct and the professionalism of the organization.

Finally, the overall standing rewards Alberto Naska first, Luigi Maselli second and Claudio Cappelli third. To the winning drivers not only trophies, but also discounts for registration to the next EuroLegend Cup. 


The winner of the 2023 EuroLegend Cup also wins the 2024 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series: as stated, Alberto, former EuroNASCAR driver, will give his prize to the runner-up and in this case the cheque for the EuroNASCAR goes to Luigi Maselli.

The surprises don't end as for the winners of the EuroLegend Cup there is the opportunity of doing tests with NASCAR in France, being Naska and Cappelli already EuroNASCAR drivers, this award goes to Luigi Maselli and Alessandro Bollini.

Romano Pisi, CEO of GP2EMME, the EuroLegend Cup organizer, thanks all participants, Heroes Valley and Castelletto Circuit Legend Cars not only for the experience fielded, but also for the logistical support and for the fantastic work done by the mechanics of assistance and preparation of the participating Legend Cars.

Thank you all! Thanks also to the public present at the various events and to the one connected, which has never skimmed his affection.

THANK YOU, see you in 2024!

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