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After Misano


 A great finale: EuroLegend Cup 2023 closes its first season at the Marco Simoncelli Misano World Circuit

 Five races full of adrenaline and true passion: this is how EuroLegend Cup 2023 ends!

The winner is ALBERTO NASKA!

 The final weekend of the EuroLegend Cup offers strong emotions, with many wild cards bringing more than twenty Legend Cars to the track for the first two regular season races.

Friday's qualifying on a damp track, but which at the end lights up with an auspicious rainbow, sees the leader Alberto Naska fastest on the track and taking pole for race 10. The starting grid on a sunny Saturday morning is Naska, Gaggianesi, Bollini, Messina, Giussani, Maselli and Cappelli, on a replacement Legend car in the fourth row.   Formation lap and start: Gaggianesi starts better than Naska, but the front rows are compact: Rosario comes out on top and takes first position, Davide and Alberto behind and Simone and Claudio don't give up. Cappelli –Messina battle: Gaggianesi leads, Cappelli and Messina follow, Bollini and Naska fighting. 

The asphalt is still damp from the night and treacherous, Bollini turns and Naska passes. Alberto points Rosario and arrives in third place. Problem for Naska who comes back to the pit. Fast lap by Maselli who contends with Bonci for fourth position, goes into a spin but recovers. We’re in the final stages Gaggianesi, Cappelli, Messina, Maselli and Bonci: just before the checkered flag Messina overtakes Cappelli in a turn of events! 

The Podium is Gaggianesi, Messina e Cappelli. 

img 1.jpg

The track warms up and the race 11 grid lines up: Bollini, Maselli, Messina, Bonci, Giussani and Gaggianesi close the first three rows. Naska, overwhelming, starts from thirteenth position and recovers all the positions: on the second lap he is first! 

The fight for first place between Davide and Alberto captures attention, Maselli behind: at the end of the third lap Gaggianesi and Naska arrive side by side on the finishing straight, followed by the paired trio Bollini, Cappelli and Messina: it's a EuroLegend Cup spectacle. There are many duels on the track: Naska and Gaggianesi, Messina and Maselli, Giussani and Cappelli. The brawl between Davide and Alberto doen’t abate: Naska is on the outside at the braking section of the “oak”, Gaggianesi is determined, crossing of trajectories but under the checkered flag Davide wins. 

The podium is Gaggianesi, Naska, Maselli.

img 2.jpg

There isn't much time for the drivers after less than an hour ready on the grid for race 12, the first of the last three with double points: Gaggianesi and Naska on the front row, Bollini and Maselli and then Messina and Cappelli in third. Naska takes the lead, all the drivers are very competitive, and the show rewards the audience. The leading group Naska, Gaggianesi, Bollini, Messina, Maselli, Cappelli and Giussani do not hold back in the constant brawls and speed. Last lap, Gaggianesi attacks Naska, they touch each other and everything changes: the podium is Bollini, Messina and Maselli. Naska ends up in fourth position and Gaggianesi fifth, but will be penalized for the contact with Alberto: the fight continues and tomorrow is another day!


Gloomy Sunday at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, but the rain is shy so all the Legend's take to the track with the windshield mounted. The grid is in the first rows Messina on pole, then Bollini, Maselli, Naska and Cappelli. The start is already a battle: Alberto shows his ability to overtake and in the first lap he gains five positions and takes the lead of the race. Due to a contact with Mottura, who will be penalised, Messina spins out and unfortunately is unable to restart: the Safety Car enters. The Legend's group is compacted awaiting the safety car’s exit: Naska, Gaggianesi, Messina and Cappelli. Unfortunately, Rosario is forced to retire. After one lap the SC is ready to go out, single file restart, battle between Cappelli and Bollini who prevails, moving behind Naska. Alberto is in strenuous defense against the attacks of Davide and Alessandro and behind them the scene is animated by Maselli and Cappelli: no predictions, just pure competition. Gaggianesi loses contact with the lead due to a car problem, turning the fight for first position into a duel. We’re at the end of an exciting race full of twists and turns: Bollini overtakes Naska, the latter regains his position inside turn 1, Bollini touches each other again on Naska... and the sharks take advantage! Maselli first, Bollini second and Cappelli finishes in third position, ahead of Naska.

img 3.jpg

Last race of the 2023 EuroLegend Cup: the upside-down standing holds in hand the skill of the drivers who will not be able to avoid being the protagonist. The starting grid is Giussani, Maselli, Cappelli, Bollini, Naska and Gaggianesi in the third row: it's a fight straight away! Naska passes Bollini, Cappelli takes the lead, Maselli second and Alberto overtakes Simone Giussani. Bollini and Gaggianesi in a duel, which with great regret must abandon one of the protagonists of the EuroLegend Cup Davide Gaggianesi due to engine problems. On the second lap the Naska - Bollini clash takes place again, in the scenario of total tussle between the chasers Cappelli, Giussani, Maselli and Messina, who aims to recover after an unfortunate race 13. Cappelli unleashed moves onto the leading duo and at the big turn the top three positions are side by side. Alberto takes the lead, Bollini is very aggressive and Cappelli looks on. Only one lap left to go: too bad, Messina stopped due to car problems at the “Carro”! The first three positions are in battle Bollini passes Naska, but Cappelli wants to win and comes first: the podium is Cappelli, Bollini and Naska.

img 4.jpg

The spectators present and connected were captivated by the EuroLegend Cup races, where the results are never obvious, the drivers are correct and the spectacle is certain.

Big party for the winners of the various categories, who will be officially awarded at the Legend Cars Italia Circuit in Castelletto on 17 December.

In the general standing Alberto Naska wins EuroLegend Cup 2023, second Luigi Maselli and third Claudio Cappelli. The appointment is December 17th for the award ceremony and the EuroLegend Cup 2023 party.

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