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Before Vallelunga


EuroLegend Cup comes to Italy: 8 and 9 July American Festival of Rome, Autodromo “Piero Taruffi” Vallelunga

Curiosity and impatience for the Italian date of the EuroLegend Cup, present for the first time at the American Festival in Rome

The Italian round of the EuroLegend Cup 2023, an event making its debut in May in Valencia, is almost there. The drivers are ready to take on the Vallelunga circuit with

their Legends: for many it's their home race, so the desire to win in front of their fans increases the challenge. Being the second appointment of the event, the positions of the general standings are still at stake: in first place with two victories we find Alberto Naska the driver/Content creator, followed by Davide Gaggianesi driver with long experience just one point behind, sixteen points Rosario Messina the Casteggio’s young driver. And then the fast Simone Giussani, Claudio Cappelli, Luca Verdi, Alessandro Bollini, Sebastien Huaux in around ten points. The Vallelunga date is enriched with new drivers: the skilled Michele Mottura, the Turin-born Simone Bonci and the versatile Marsilio Canuti.

The show is guaranteed, the effort increases and the races become more and more exciting.


Qualifying for the EuroLegend Cup will take place on Saturday 8 July at 9.30am and the first round 4 race at 12.50pm.

Sunday 9 July the appointment on the track is at 12.10pm and 4.20pm for rounds 5 and 6 of the EuroLegend Cup.


We look forward to seeing you in a motorsport weekend where enthusiasts and

the curious will be able to enjoy the tussle on the track between the various drivers, experience the thrill of the grid as there is the possibility for spectators to get on the grid, discover or get to know better the Legend Cars and their drivers

in the EuroLegend Cup village.

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