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After Vallelunga


EuroLegend Cup 2023: boom at the American Festival of Rome, 

Autodromo di Vallelunga.

Hot weekend: drivers focused and ready to have fun on the track.

Overtaking and braking capture the public's attention: this is the EuroLegend Cup.

The EuroLegend Cup’s drivers were able to enjoy a temperature not yet inflamed by the sun for qualifying on Saturday morning at 9.30: the qualifying times are all interesting. Canuti and Bonci push, but the first two rows of the starting grid are Messina, Gaggianesi, Giussani and Cappelli.

Round 4 is at 12.50, the heat is the protagonist together with the drivers: full stands for the Italian race of the EuroLegend Cup.

After a good start, the positions are immediately changed. Gaggianesi overtook Messina and Cappelli moved into third place leaving Giussani in fourth. Naska recovers four positions from twelfth position in the first lap. After just one very fierce lap the protagonists change; Gaggianesi commands, followed by Giussani, then Bollini, Maselli and Naska in comeback. The battle for first place between Gaggianesi and Giussani focuses the public’s attention. Eight minutes from the end of the race, Gaggianesi is back in first place, Messina climbs up the positions overtaking Naska, Maselli goes long on the sand leaving space. The leading group is Gaggianesi, Bollini, Messina and Giussani. Rosario Messina passes Bollini leading to a tussle with Davide Gaggianesi, while Giussani does not give up and attacks Bolli.

Nothing is taken for granted and the race is exciting: the podium is Messina, Giussani and Gaggianesi.


Sunday 9 July, Round 5 of the EuroLegend Cup at 12.30 is a bit late:

the first three rows of the starting grid based on round 4 times are Messina, Naska, Maselli, Giussani, Cappelli and Gaggianesi. After the start, the tussle immediately breaks out: Maselli, Messina and Naska almost paired up, Messina slides back and Giussani is ready for a duel.  Gaggianesi slips between Maselli and Naska, Messina holds the third place on Giussani; Maselli makes a mistake and becomes fourth: all this in just the first three minutes of the race! 

The leading group is Gaggianesi, Naska and Giussani: the Legend #54 seems to have some problems and slowly falls back in the standings; meanwhile Maselli takes the Messina’s fourth place. Naska third is overtaken by Maselli and fights with Messina. Giussani unseats Gaggianesi from the position and in third and fourth place there is a tussle between Maselli and Messina. It's a hypnotic race: continuous overtaking and duels that leave all predictions open, pure fun for the public and the drivers!

Gaggianesi doesn't give up, Giussani and Messina arrive side by side at the finish line. Maselli doesn’t want to be left behind and returns to the leading group: in the meantime, new skilled fighters are added by Bonci, who signs the fastest lap, and Bollini. Unfortunately Naska slipped to eighth position. On the ninth and last lap everything is still open between Giussani, Maselli, Gaggianesi and Messina; the arrival’s order in a final head-to-head is Giussani, Gaggianesi and Messina.


Round 6 of the EuroLegend Cup at 16.00, on the grid we find Bonci, Maselli, Bollini, Cappelli in the first two rows. As we have become accustomed to the EuroLegend Cup, the match is always open and full of emotions: the positions change quickly and the overtaking is the protagonist.

Gaggianesi attacks Bonci, closely followed by Bollini. Naska from ninth to sixth in comeback on Messina, who is in seventh place. But everything is in flux: Gaggianesi with a super braking takes the lead of the race: we are only halfway through the race and all the drivers are focused on the victory.

Messina fighting with Naska comes out and comes back losing positions, but Alberto will also have to pass Bollini and Verdi to get back to sixth position. At the head of the race is Gaggianesi, Maselli, Bonci, Giussani, Cappelli. The battle for second place is on between Bonci and Giussani, but the whole race is still very animated. Giussani takes second place and starts the fight with Gaggianesi. The leader spins and Giussani becomes first and a contact between Verdi and Bollini leaves Naska in third place under the checkered flag.

The podium is Giussani, Bonci and Naska and the EuroLegend Cup confirms itself as a dynamic and fun event for everyone: drivers and the public!

See you after the summer on August 26th and 27th 

at the Autodromo Most in the Czech Republic!

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