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 By decision of the RACB Sport Eurolegend Cup he will not be able to race at the Zolder circuit.

The grand final will be 11 and 12 November at the Misano autodrome.

 RACB Sport, Royal Automobile Club Belgium, follows the decision of the German DSMB and will not allow the Legend Carsto race on Flemish circuits, therefore with regret we announce the skipping of the date for the EuroLegend Cup and we will meet for the EuroLegend Cup final at the Misano circuit 11 and 12 November.

 So, with a heavy heart, EuroLegend Cup is also forced to give up the date at the Zolder circuit, because RACB following the German decision didn’t give the homologation to the Legend Cars to race on Belgian racetracks. GP2EMME has already started the recognition process of Legend’s in Belgium and with pleasure announces the closing date of the first EuroLegend Cup: 11-12 November at the Misano circuit. 

We look forward to seeing you for the end of the regular season and the grand finale with double points!

Drivers will compete for the final qualification: the predictions are zero especially given a few points gap between the first. 

Alberto Naska first just 4 points ahead of Davide Gaggianesi; Simone Giussani third, 8 points from second and Rosario Messina, ten points from third and so on: 

it takes next to nothing to change the standing and this will make the racing weekend even more intriguing.

Stay tuned to EuroLegend channels for updates!

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