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In France, the passion for Legend Cars was born in the 2000s, when a group of enthusiasts decided to bring the sport to the country. Thanks to their determination and passion, they created the first Legend Cars championship in France, which was a great success among drivers and racing enthusiasts.

Since then, the Legend Cars have become an icon of French motorsport, offering a unique and compelling driving experience for all those who want to experience the thrill of motor racing. Over the years, the Legend Cars Championship in France has developed, attracting more and more talented drivers and racing enthusiasts.

Today, Legend Cars is an established reality in France, which continues to grow and arouse interest among young people and motorsport enthusiasts. Thanks to the passion and dedication of its founders, the Legend Cars Championship in France has become an unmissable event for motor racing enthusiasts throughout the country, bringing the excitement and adrenaline of motor racing to every corner of France.

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