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Before Valencia


Ready, Steady, GO: EuroLegend Cup 2023 first date Valencia 6 – 7 May

Valencia, Ricardo Tormo Circuit: everything is ready for the first date

of the Eurolegend Cup 2023

The drivers and their Legend Cars get ready for the 3 races of the weekend

On the 10th anniversary of the EuroNascar Fest in Spain in Valencia, the EuroLegend Cup 2023 will be present to give a show and to excite the public.

The starting grid is being defined and for this first appointment there will be just over a dozen drivers, mostly Italians, known for their curious spirit and for their desire to test themselves on famous European circuits. The undecided will be watching for now: but it's not too late to be part of this new event!

Each Legend has 20 minutes of track available, Saturday around 9.25, for free practice and race qualifications to be obtained, with the best lap time.
There are drivers of different experience
and age who will certainly animate the

three races: among these we find
the driver/content creator Alberto Naska on the Legend #54; the legendary Claudio Cappelli in yellow, his color; Gaggianesi, Bollini and Giussani among the protagonists of the Italian Legend Cars championship;
Watteyne experienced drive and
the youths...

The first round will take place around 1pm on Saturday and the second, always on the same day, at around 4.50pm.
Round 3 will take place on Sunday around noon.

The starting grid position of the second race of the weekend will be determined by the order of the best lap time,
of the drivers in race 1, while in race 3 will be determined by the order of the best lap time, of the drivers in race 2.

A hard schedule that ensures the fight and makes it difficult to predict victory. There are three drivers’ classes, depending on their age. Challenge is for 16-21 year olds, Top Class is for 21-45 year olds and Star is for drivers aged 45

and over. The first will take 40 points and the second 35 points then from
the second position down reduce 1 point.

Finger Cross : EuroLegend Cup 2023 Via is quickly approaching!
We look forward to seeing you on the Ricardo Tormo Circuit and on our social

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